jt crystalballstanding2At just 8 years old Jason had his 1st ever Paul Daniels magic set for Christmas. From that day he was bitten by the bug and has been performing and entertaining ever since. During his youth Jason continued to entertain family and friends with his magic, and then at just 18 years old he entered his 1st ever close-up magic competition. Upon winning this, he then entered a cabaret/stage magic competition to which he again also won. To this day Jason is still the youngest member of the Cardiff Magical Society to win both competitions. Even at just 18 years old Jason had a rare and unique talent that proved he was not only skilful in his art, but was becoming recognised as being a very good entertainer.

jt sittingNEW1After years of entertaining as a close up magician Jason started to study the psychology behind magic, and was fascinated how and why people think the way they do. Through experience and performing, Jason developed another skill that aloud him to strangely be able to predict what someone was thinking – read peoples minds! From this ability Jason developed his mind reading show. He has combined all the techniques that he has learnt and studied to create a very professional, unique, intriguing, baffling and entertaining mind reading cabaret/stand up show.

Jason’s highlights so far have been to not only work with, but entertain the stars! Jason was honoured to perform at Premiership footballer Graig Bellemy’s wedding where he wowed the likes of Titus Bramble, Kieron Dyer and many more. After leaving football and Dancing On Ice star Robbie Savage speechless, Robbie was that impressed that he even gave Jason a tip and remarked on his talent! Jason was also overwhelmed when he was invited to perform at Welsh rugby star Alex Poppham’s Wedding again entertaining many stars. Since then Jason has been honoured to have entertained many celebrities and VIP's. Jason has also been very proud to have entertained at Big Brother winner - Rachel Rice's wedding. 

In 2007 Jason was asked to entertain at the Cardiff Motorpoint arena (formally known as Cardiff International Arena) and perform with childhood hero – Paul Daniels. Jason shared the stage with Paul and entertained many magicians and the general public.

Another great achievement for Jason is that he is not only a performer, but an inventor as well. Jason has invented a magic trick which he has developed for magicians all over the world!

Despite having achieved so much in his magical career so far, Jason now aged 32 continues to entertain as an award winning professional close-up magician and cabaret/stage and stand up entertainer.
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