This is a selection of commonly asked questions that are often put to Jason. Jason has personally answered each question as shown below. If you have a particular question not shown here, please feel free to get in touch with Jason.



1 Why should I book you to entertain at my event?
2 Should I book you for the close-up magic or the mind reading show?
3 How long should I book you for the close-up magic?
4 How long does your mind reading show last?
5 Do I need to supply you with any audio equipment, tables etc?
6 Would your entertainment be suitable at my event?
7 Do you do children’s parties?
8 How far will you travel?
9 What kind of tricks do you do with the close-up magic?
10 What kind of things do you do in your mind reading show?
11 How can my company/business benefit from your entertainment?
12 Are you insured?
13 How much do you charge?
14 How far in advance can I book you?
15 How can I book you or ask any further questions?

1    Why should I book you to entertain at my event?
After all those weeks, months and even years of organizing and planning your event, you want to leave a special memory with everyone that they will remember forever. The key is to have a talking point for your guests. By having something a bit different, unique and engaging your guests will remember your event forever. By having me perform my close up magic or my mind reading show, I will guarantee to leave a memorable and lasting impression. I am very professional when I perform and I will create a great rapport with all your guests. One of my biggest compliments and feedback from clients and guests, is that I have a very friendly nature and personality. I feel It is very important for you the client booking me to feel comfortable, confident and happy knowing how I will be with your guests, and how they will be with me. I am also very experienced, and from years of trying out and road testing new tricks and effects, i know what plays well getting the biggest reactions and wow factor. I am very committed and dedicated giving 100% every performance and I also pride myself on what I perform and how I entertain. It also really is a compliment for me when i know that clients have spoken to and seen other magicians, and then they have ended up booking me. 


2    Should I book you for the close up magic or the mind reading show?
It all depends on your event. If you would like me to entertain your guests whilst people are having a drink and a chat, or perhaps during a meal, then the close up magic would be perfect. I would mix and mingle with the guests strolling around entertaining. However if you are looking for stand up/stage, after dinner or cabaret entertainment then my mind reading show would suit best. A lot of my clients are now booking me for both the close-up magic and my mind reading show together.


3    How long should I book you for the close up magic?
This can depend on the event and the number of guests attending. But I will tailor the performance time to suit you, and am more than happy to discuss and advise on times etc.


4    How long does your mind reading show last?
My actual mind reading show is a 60 minute show. However I can shorten the show accordingly to your requirements and time frame. I work around you, not you work around me.


5    Do I need to supply you with any audio equipment, tables etc?
The good news is no. I provide all the relevant equipment needed to perform. When performing my mind reading show I will supply all the necessary audio equipment i.e. microphones, PA system etc if required. If I am performing at a house party then depending on the size of the room, markey etc I will use a microphone if needed. When performing the close up magic I work from my pockets. So my suit provides me with all the space needed to carry my tricks and props. The only things you need to provide are the guests.


6    Would your entertainment be suitable at my event?
I am constantly booked for lots of various events, functions and occasions. The beauty of my entertainment is that it appeals to everyone and of all ages. I feel it is very important that i engage with everyone so that everyone feels captivated. Through years of experience i have road tested lots of material and tricks to find the best when performing. I not only entertain at Weddings and corporate events, but continue to entertain at all other events and functions including house parties, engagement parties, birthdays, restaurants, product launches, charity events, pubs and clubs, hotel entertainment and all other social/private, corporate functions, occasions and events.


7    Do you do children’s parties?
I get asked this all the time. Although I don’t perform an actual children’s show, I will and enjoy entertaining children if they are at your event. I have a wide range of tricks and effects to suit everyone, and no - I can’t make the kids disappear.


8    How far will you travel?
Even though I live in South Wales, I will travel anywhere to entertain for your event. I have been booked as a close up magician and mind reader to entertain at various locations and venues. My usual areas where I frequently perform are Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, Swansea, Usk, Caerphilly, Torfaen, Neath, Powys, Barry, Bridgend, Hereford, Worcester, Port Talbot, Shrewsbury, Ebbew Vale, Camathen, Chepstow, Raglan, Bath, Chippenham, Stroud, Penarth, Avonmouth, Taunton, Llanelli, Cross hands, pembrokshire, South Wales, North Wales, West Wales, Gloucester, London England. I will travel anywhere in the U.K and have even worked abroad.


9    What kind of tricks do you do with the close up magic?
I have a wide range of tricks and effects in my repertoire and will customize my set for each event accordingly. For example I often get booked to entertain at casino nights and work with mobile casinos. If desired I can incorporate my magic around a gambling and casino theme. But in general as a close up magician I entertain using cards, coins, bank notes, finger rings, sponge balls, napkins, personal belongings and pure slight of hand. From years of experience i have been fortunate to try out new tricks and material, knowing what works well, and what doesn't. Everything i perform is very strong and professional magic, but most importantly very entertaining.


10    What kind of things do you do in your mind reading show?
I often get compared to Derren Brown. Although I don’t like to compare myself to Derren (but consider this to be a compliment), my show involves me reading peoples minds, influencing and predicting people's thoughts and behaviour, also me being a human lie detector . The main key about my show is that I involve as much as the audience as I possibly can and everyone feels part of the show. I specifically perform a lot of macro designed effects so I involve and captivate the audience as much as i possibly can. For more information please see my Mind Reading section.


11    How can my company/business benefit from your entertainment?
I can represent your company/business in many ways. I have worked for restaurants as a house magician providing entertainment for customers on a regular basis. This establishes the restaurant/company as a ‘fun’ and ‘enjoyable’ place to visit drawing more customers/clients for your business. During a product launch I entertain everyone representing your business/company providing again a fun, enjoyable and memorable event. I can tailor my magic to your business/company involving tricks and effects relating and resembling to what you are advertising, promoting or selling.


12    Are you insured?
Yes I am fully insured. I am a member of Equity which is an entertainers union. I am also covered for public liability insurance.


13    How much do you charge?
This can depend on your event. I could be booked for a trade show or product launch which could last a day or so. Sometimes I am booked for a wedding to perform close up magic for a couple of hours. Sometimes I am booked to entertain around the tables for a corporate dinner, then perform my Mind Reading show. It all depends on what the occasion is and what suits you best. But I am more than happy to have a chat with you regarding cost, entertainment, times and what you feel would suit best.


14    How far in advance can I book you?
I get booked days, weeks, months and even years in advance. I also unfortunately on occasions have to break the bad news to clients that i am already booked for their event date.  So to avoid disappointment, the earlier you book the better. Once you have reserved the date I will send you a confirmation booking form, giving you piece of mind that the date is yours!


15    How can I book you or ask any further questions?
You can either call me on 07867684851, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or please visit and like my facebook page by clicking here to see what im up to and to contact me. I am more than happy to have a chat with you regarding any questions you may have. When you are planning an event I think It is very important that you feel 100% happy when booking any supplier for your event - not just entertainmennt. It is important that you know exactly what I do, what I provide and offer giving you that confidence, piece of mind and reassurance. So please feel free to contact me regarding any other questions, and i will be more than happy to help - thank you.

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