jt cardfall adjustedWhat ever your event, Jason will amaze, dazzle, amuse and enchant your guests with his award winning close-up magic. Whilst at the same time guaranteeing to leave a lasting impression that they will remember forever!

So what is close-up magic? Close-up magic is magic that is performed right under your nose. It is a very fun and interactive form of magic where the spectators are assisting Jason the entire time.

This type of magic is perfect for any occasion as there is no need for any special lighting, sound equipment or staging. It is a very strong ice breaker and immediately sets a presence creating a fun atmosphere. When Jason performs he carries all his tricks and props in his suit pockets so is ready to perform and entertain at any time. Jason entertains using cards, coins, sponge balls, objects borrowed from the spectators and pure slight of hand. From years of experience and road testing new tricks, Jason performs only the very best in close-up magic getting the biggest reactions and wow factor.

Jason covers two main areas of close-up magic…

Jason has tailored his walk around (also known as 'strolling') magic so that he can entertain your guests when ever and where ever they may be. He doesn’t require any special table or surface to perform as he will use your guests to assist him. Jason likes the fact that he uses the spectators to assist him as much as possible – giving them the opportunity to be so close to the action and for them to witness everything so close.

Jason will walk and stroll around entertaining everyone. He will create such a stir amongst your guests that they will not be able to wait for him to approach and entertain them. Jason works from his pockets. This means no matter what the occasion, environment or venue Jason walks around carrying all his props and tricks in his pockets. His manner, persona and personality is very friendly and professional. Jason prides himself on this as this is amongst one of his biggest compliments he receives from all his clients.

This is ideal for any function, event and occasion where people would be sat around a table. This can involve dinners/corporate dinners, restaurants, parties, meetings, etc. Jason approaches each table and entertains either between meal courses (if there is a break between courses) or during the starters, desserts and coffees. If your event has an interval then this is also an ideal time.

No matter if the event is big, small, corporate, private or social Jason will mesmerise and dazzle your guests with his unique table magic, leaving your guests with a feeling of excitement and wonder. Every single guest will enjoy and feel apart of this special experience, as all the table magic Jason performs is tailored to be not only very visual, but to suit everyone of all ages. You may think that it is the children and teenagers that would be more intrigued, but actually it is the adults who are more fascinated and following him around!

Below is a list of various occasions, functions and events that Jason has entertained at…
Weddings - Civil Partnership Weddings - Engagement parties - Birthdays - Anniversaries - Proms - Garden parties - House parties - Corporate events - Corporate dinners - Dinner dances - Balls (summer/university) - Black tie events - Charity events - Fund raising events - Restaurants - Christenings - Product launches - Cocktail parties - Retirement parties - House warming parties - Trade shows - Bar mitzvahs & all other social, private and corporate events.

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